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Several ways we can beautify your home and save you lots of money

Hello everyone and welcome to Williams Painting...

We at Williams Painting are always finding ways to give you great value in a long lasting paint job. We also provide outstanding ideas to beautify your home and change the look to what's trending in color and style. Quality workmanship and attention to detail as well as expertize in what we do makes us the leader in the in not only Highland area but the St. Louis metropolitan area as well as Southern Illinois.

Here is just some of the ways we can save you money and beautify your home all at the same time. Do you have older kitchen cabinets? Are they stained and varnished and out dated?  We can come out and remove all the drawer faces and doors bring them back to our finish spray shop and repaint them as well as repainting the frames in place re-install them change the hardware if you want and save you thousands on buying and replacing them with new cabinets. Now a days the  (cheap ) new cabinets will run you 3 to 4,000 not counting removal of your old cabinets and installation adding an additional  $1500.00, typically we can save you $2500 to possibly $5000 And your cabinets will look like they are brand new again in what ever color you desire!

Your front door looking old run down and beaten up? Don't spend a ton of money on having it replaced. Once again we can save you a bunch of money. We can take nearly any door off temporarily replace it with a standby door. Take your door back to our shop fix all dents scratched holes cracks almost any damage whether its a steel, wood  or fiberglass door put a beautiful sprayed finish and top coat on it and bring it back looking brand new and you won't believe its the same door. We can also paint your shutters the same way to match  completely changing the look of your home and save you a ton of money over replacement. And in any color you want!

Finally is your shower and tub looking old and ugly these days? Do you know a typical new tub and shower surround will easily cost $3000.00 or more and a vanity and sink could cost half of that easily,  and by the way that's not including installation. We can come in and refinish the tub shower vanity and basin for less then half the cost of a  new tub alone. which will make it easy for you to afford to have us paint the walls and ceiling in you bathroom and give it a new beautiful look all around!!

Give me (Keith ) a call and I can come out and take a look at your project and give you a free estimate and we can get you in the schedule Call me 618-581-9427
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