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Have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding Its time to power wash!!

Hi there! Do you have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding?
You may think you don't need or have any reason to call a painting company right? Why? Because having Vinyl or aluminum siding mean I will never have to paint again right? Not really, I will explain that in a minute.. but there is another reason to call us Power Washing 
   So lets talk power washing. All homes get dirty on the outside.  How you may ask?  Think about it farmers plow and disc the fields and plant every year in the spring and harvest the fields in the fall. All that plowing tilling disking, planting and harvesting kicks up tons of dust in the atmosphere that settles on your home and gets it real dirty. You may think my house don't look that dirty walk out and rub your hand across the siding and look at the dirt that comes off on your hand. That's not the only thing on there.. There is also plenty of bug and bird poop as well and lets not forget what the spiders do devouring other bug and leaving the blood mess on your house that serves as their plate. And we can't forget the green and black mold that always comes back on the North side of the house.
  You may have bought a small power washed to clean things a cool little unit that's boasts 1200 to 1500 pound per square foot maybe even 1800 to 2200. it may clean ok but a professional power washer is 3000 PSI and will really get the job done. In fact they as powerful enough to deep clean concrete and make it look brand new and will also take most of the old stain out of wooden decks and fences and will clean your siding like new again with out damaging the siding. But they are also very powerful and take a skilled operator that knows how to use the machine with the right tip and distance from what ever your cleaning. So if you have never used one I would recommend leaving it to the professionals. because you can tear wood up if your not careful and are not trained on how to use one.
 And I will end this blog by explaining what I meant by saying you will never have to paint again. (Not really) with aluminum siding over time the baked on painted finish starts to chalk when you rub your fingers across it the paint comes off on your fingers like dry powdered chalk and yes wee can repaint it. First we have to neutralize it with trisodium phosphate and bleach to stop the chalking then prime it then double coat it with a top quality paint like Valspar 100% Acrylic  Latex paint. and that will give you a beautiful new paint job that will last 15 to 20 years.
  Now the Vinyl siding  its even easier that's right I said easier Power wash first always to get it clean and make sure to use a 100% Acrylic paint such as Valspar choose you color and always double coat. it will stick like glue. You may ask Keith what about using a Primer on it first? No need  100% Acrylic paints are paint and primer in one that it why they started using Acrylic in paint is because it has strong bonding agents it will fuse to the vinyl siding. So it your sick of looking at that same old boring colored siding and would like a change you really do have an option to paint it if you want!   What's stopping you give us a call for either Power Washing or painting and remember estimate are free call me Keith at 618-581-9427
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