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Spring is finally here!!!

Spring is finally here Yeah!!
Now we can get back outside and start making that tired old home look new and beautiful again. Here are some helpful hints that will bring that old house back to looking good again. In the fall and early winter around here there are a lot of corn field being combined and that puts a lot of dust and dirt in the air that settles on your siding and pretty much most of your home. It happens gradually and you may or may not have notice. Go out and wipe your hand along your siding and see how much dirt comes off you will be amazed its dirty.
     If that's not bad enough every year the green mold comes back like clock work making the North side of your house green and nasty looking and unfortunately there is not a way you can stop it from happening but we can get rid of it until next winter
      We can give your house a good washing and most of the time it can be done in one day 2 at the most on most homes. We use 3000 PSI professional power washers that will clean you place up like new squeaky clean. but we don't do window so if you have hard water you may have a few water spot on a window or two my helpful hint for that half cup of white vinegar in a quart of water preferably in a quart sized spray bottle and don't use paper towel use news paper, some paper towels print color causes streaking where news paper color don't for some reason.
Give us a call if you would like a free estimate to have your place power washed and any painting you may want done. That's all for now thanks for stopping by Keith 618-581-9427
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