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Would you like 20% off any of our services?

Would you like 20% Off any of our services? Did you know Williams Painting now has Property Owners Maintenance Programs?
You may be wondering what that is? I will be happy to tell you. Williams Painting knows your home is your biggest investment and needs periodic updates when it comes to your painting, staining, and power washing needs. We have come up with a way to make those needs more affordable then ever. and here is how it works.
We set you up on a affordable monthly savings plan to accrue an annual maintenance budget through the year.  If you need something done, say power washing your home for example.  What you have in your account will pay for it. Here's the really good part. If you are a member of the program you will receive 20% off any of our services. So say you were on a $50.00 a month plan and have a 3 bedroom ranch style home. Normally we would charge $250.0 to power wash your home, with your discount it would only be $200.00. In the course or a year that will still leave you $400.00 for anything else you may want done like repainting a room or two. And yes that too will be at the 20% discounted rate.
The plans start at $50.00 and go up from there. You set the plan where you want it $50, 75, 100,  and so on depending on your needs and what you can afford.
Note: you can get work done at any time but the purpose of these plans are to accrue a budget so we encourage you to wait at least 6 months before using the services. If you do not have enough in your account to cover what being done at the time of service you will still receive the 20% discount  but will be required to pay difference between what is not in your account. So its best to wait until you have enough in your account to cover the cost of the work before having the work done.
This would also make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for an elderly parent or loved one that could use it. Call Keith at 618-581-9427 and we will get you started on your plan today!
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