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Is your investment properties making you money?

Do you own income properties? Do you have rental properties, homes, condos or apartments that you rent or lease? Did you know Williams Painting offers a painting maintenance program that can give you access to all our services at a special rate that will keep all your properties looking great and keep them rented.
We all know that when people are looking for a new place to rent or lease the first thing that sells your place is how nice it looks inside and out. If it is old and out dated it may sit empty for months on end not making any revenue.  Oh you could get a local handyman to fix a hole in the wall and touch it up here and there but the question is how does it look? Chances are if it don't look that good you may have prospective renter passing your place up and renting from someone else. The longer it sits the more money you lose.
Simple things like repainting the front door and shutters to match can give the whole outside of your home a new updated trendy look. We can remove the doors and shutters and refinish them in our shop and reinstall them even in the winter time. Fresh new colors on the inside that are eye catching will win people over and make the want to live there. Removing the dated wallpaper from the 80's or 90's and repainting could make all the difference in the world.
The big differences between a professional paint job and an amateur paint job is nice crisp straight lines if you don't paint professionally its very hard to paint a good straight line. minor wall repair looks terrible if you don't normally repair walls.  we remove all vents, switch plate, receptacle plates and recessed can lighting cowls so they are painted behind and not around. and we use canvas drop cloths so the no paint gets on your floor or anything else it should not be on. In addition, professional work will last a whole lot longer!
All our painters are highly skilled and experienced - 15 plus years- and we make sure we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide the best possible service and products.
Williams Painting can take care of all your painting needs and keep you Income properties rented  and not sitting vacant losing you money. Call Keith today and we can discuss your investment property needs 618-581-9427 and get your investments looking beautiful  and making you money again!
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