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What is a Lintel????

What's a Lintel?
No were not talking about lentil's you put in soup. Most people have heard of and a lot of folks have eaten them. The lintels I am referring to are likely on your home. Well that is if you happen to live in a brick home. If you do you wouldn't want to try and eat these lintels you would break your teeth (notice the spelling is different) the edible is spelled  lentil and the one on your home is lintel.( Clever how all you do is switch the I & E )
So what is a lintel then? A lintel is a piece of steel that goes above a window or door frame that supports the brick work above. Most people don't even know they have lintels. Lintels are extremely important in the structural integrity of your home. Without the lintel the brick and mortar would start cracking and crumbling above your windows and doors.
So now that you know all about lintels take a look at them and see if they are rusty. Why you may ask? Because if they are it don't take but a few years for a lintel to rust through and you loose that much needed support pretty soon bricks start falling out. 
If they are rusty give us a call and we can come out wire wheel the rust off treat it with an Anti-Rust primer and paint and get them back in shape and looking new again. Then you can sleep better knowing you have nothing to worry about with your lintels. I got to go all this talk about lintels or should I say lentil has made me hungry for some lentil soup!  till next time happy painting Keith 
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