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12 Expert tips for choosing color you can live with

1.  Start with a color you love.  Even if it's not a trend at the moment.  It will always be on trend in a space that resonates with you.
2.  Choose the best paint you can afford.  Good paint has better pigments and a more liveable finish.
3.  For a cohesive look, flow two or three of the same colors in each room.  An accent wall in the family room is reflected in the master bedroom bedding, for example.
4.  Save strong wall colors for statement rooms that are smaller and visited less - a library, guest room, or a powder room.
5.  Choose colors based on the use of a room.  Morning rooms can be brighter, rooms used at night could be dark.
6.  Play with intensity.  I love monochromatic rooms that use a single hue in a variety of ways.
7.  When rooms open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors, or the space will look choppy and small.
8.  Blend in strong colors.  A bold color on the wall will feel jarring unless you consider the trim and ceiling color in your plans.  Or add accents like pillows or other pieces, like vases or art in the bold color to tie it all together.
9.  Colors close together on the color wheel are analogous and will make a calm room.  Colors that are farther apart are complimentary and add drama.
10.  Your home is made up of more than just walls.  Ceilings, floors, stairs, doors and trim are also great places to have fun with paint.
11.  Warm colors like red, yellow and orange have an energizing effect.  Blue, green and grey are calming.
12.  Furniture can also be painted.  Odd wooden chairs painted the same color suddenly become a set.
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