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February 2013

Take note of design

When you consider redecorating, take time to study each room carefully.  What is the purpose or fuction of the room?  A place to relax?  A playroom?  A mancave? A place to gather with friends?
Then, consider the features of the room.  Does it have a fireplace, or a bay window, or perhaps built-in shelves?
Redecorating could be as simple as re-arranging furniture, adding accent pillows or slipcovers for tired furniture.  Consider wall color.  If it is meant to be a calm space, stay away from reds and yellows - go for greens and blues.

12 Expert tips for choosing color you can live with

1.  Start with a color you love.  Even if it's not a trend at the moment.  It will always be on trend in a space that resonates with you.
2.  Choose the best paint you can afford.  Good paint has better pigments and a more liveable finish.
3.  For a cohesive look, flow two or three of the same colors in each room.  An accent wall in the family room is reflected in the master bedroom bedding, for example.
4.  Save strong wall colors for statement rooms that are smaller and visited less - a library, guest room, or a powder room.
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