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Pros on the inside.

Pros on the inside.
Hello again! Keith here, My last blog was about the difference between professional painters and non professionals and had to do with painting on the outside of your home. This is part two Pros on the inside.
There is a big difference here in pro and wanna be pros. A wanna be pro will paint around things such as vents, door knobs switch plates, receptacles and recessed canned light, they may not cover large furniture that you may not want move such as a piano or a grand father clock. which could result in getting unwanted paint on your valuable furnishings. Another thing is they will likely be using cheap thin plastic drops if they do cover the furniture or floors. This cheap plastic drop gets a static charge as you walk on it and as a result moves around easily and uncovers things exposing your floor and furniture to getting paint on them. Often they also get ceiling paint on walls or wall paint on ceiling and do not leave you with crisp straight lines.
The result often is you pay less for the job but your left with a paint job the looks like the kids did it. Now you either have to live with it or have a professional painter come in and fix the problems costing more then if you would have just hired the pro to begin with.
Here is what we do. We come in remove all nails screws and picture hangers fill in all holes with lite spackle and sand smooth. Remove all light switches, recepticle switch plates, wall vents and drop any recessed lighting frames down. We cover all floors in the work area with canvas drop cloths that don't move under your feet. Anything that can't be moved (Piano Grand father clock etc.) will be covered for protection.  We make sure to give you crisp straight lines where the wall and ceiling meet and you will find no wall paint on the ceiling or ceiling paint on the wall. and when we are finished everything is all put back the switch plates vents etc. and cleaned up. You are left with a beautiful newly repainted home. Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate to give you a beautiful new paint job! thanks happy painting Keith
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