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Trash to treasure with paint

Move over, dull and boring!  There's a new shimmer in town!
Modern Masters have brought out a new metallic line of paints that is just awesome.  Have you ever wanted a gilded mirror frame?  With these paints you can have any type of metallic look you want, without the price tag.  Salvaged yard sale frames, or thrift store frames will look like something you spent a great deal of money on.
Even trimming out small details on sconces, or other architectural features in your home with metallic paint can make the difference between nice and fabulous!  There are many colors to choose from, and the only limitation is your own imagination.
In addition, did you know you could transform your current kitchen appliances from ordinary to chic with paint?  Most people would love to have stainless steel appliances, but either cannot afford it, or don't want to replace appliances in good working order.  There is paint available for making appliances look like stainless steel, a great way to update the look of your kitchen.
And talking about kitchens - paint is a great answer to boring.  Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, paint them.  Just make sure they are squeaky clean before priming and painting, and don't forget to replace the hardware!
Laminate counters? Ugh!  Make them look like granite!  Yes, you can!  I recently made a bright orange laminate countertop into exquisite polished granite - with paint!
Again, make sure the surface is clean clean clean.  Use a black primer as the base, and sponge on 3-4 different colors in the same range to create the granite look.  For example, a chocolate brown, mocha, coffee bean and white will create either a dark brown or a desert color, depending on how much you use of a certain shade of brown.
Tip - practice on a piece of cardboard first!  Put on two to three coats of polyurethane topcoat (let dry between coats) and viola! Your granite countertops have been installed.
Have fun with paint, and before you spend money replacing anything - try painting it!
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