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What make's a painting company professional?

What make's a Painting company Professional? There are tons of painting company's out there to choose from and they all think they are professional, Or should I say (want to be) painting company that think they are professional. So what set them apart????
Quality and workmanship and the care they take to make sure you get the longest lasting paint job for the money you spend. For example Say you have a house that has needed painting for several years and it has been peeling for 4 or 5 years. Joe Smoe wanna be pro painter tells you I will power wash, prime and paint that house for you for $2500.00 sounds good right?
Wrong If the house has been peeling for years the weather wind, sun, rain,and temperature changes through out the year has weathered the expose wood making it very dry. What needs to be done is, yes power wash first then scrape the house because even though you may get most of the peeling paint off and all the dirt there is still loose paint chips that need to be scraped off and then the dry weathered wood needs to be treated with Boiled linseed oil to preserve the wood and act as a moisture barrier between the dry weathered wood and the paint. If this is not done the dry weathered wood  that has lost all of its natural oils will draw all oil or solvent out of the paint like a sponge and the paint will be peeling off in sheets with in a year. Then you prime and apply 2 coats of paint to ensure your house gets a good proper seal. Some wanna be pro painters will tell you that all you need is prime and 1 coat of paint and say thats the same as 2 coats of paint. Wrong again primer is much thinner than paint and is a bonding agent that helps paint adhere to what your painting. And the reason you should alway put 2 coats of paint on is because if you only put one its likely not going to give you a good weather seal. Even the best painters have whats called ( holidays )or missed spots from air bubbles in the roller of a separation in the bristles of a brush etc. This allows weather to get in behind your new paint job and start to do damage right away causing a shorter life span of your paint job.
However if you double coat the home its not likely the you will miss the same spot twice in a row. This is the difference between having to repaint in a year of two or getting a paint job that may last 15 to 20 years. It is also the difference between a Professional painter and a Joe Smoe wanna be Pro! So ask yourself do you want it done cheap or do you want it done right.  Till next blog happy painting Keith..... P.S... Next blog is pro's on the inside!
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