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October 2012

Pros on the inside.

Pros on the inside.
Hello again! Keith here, My last blog was about the difference between professional painters and non professionals and had to do with painting on the outside of your home. This is part two Pros on the inside.
There is a big difference here in pro and wanna be pros. A wanna be pro will paint around things such as vents, door knobs switch plates, receptacles and recessed canned light, they may not cover large furniture that you may not want move such as a piano or a grand father clock.

Paint is not paint!

OK, so you've decided to paint your house.  Could be you need to paint the outside of the house, or maybe you would like to change the color scheme of the interior.  Maybe you have decided to just do it yourself, I mean how hard could it be? 
You have equipped yourself with brushes and rollers, a paint try and a dropcloth.  Next (after off course you have decided on color), you need to go buy your paint.
Now, here's where a little knowledge comes in handy.  What kind of paint do you need?

Trash to treasure with paint

Move over, dull and boring!  There's a new shimmer in town!
Modern Masters have brought out a new metallic line of paints that is just awesome.  Have you ever wanted a gilded mirror frame?  With these paints you can have any type of metallic look you want, without the price tag.  Salvaged yard sale frames, or thrift store frames will look like something you spent a great deal of money on.
Even trimming out small details on sconces, or other architectural features in your home with metallic paint can make the difference between nice and fabulous!

What make's a painting company professional?

What make's a Painting company Professional? There are tons of painting company's out there to choose from and they all think they are professional, Or should I say (want to be) painting company that think they are professional. So what set them apart????
Quality and workmanship and the care they take to make sure you get the longest lasting paint job for the money you spend. For example Say you have a house that has needed painting for several years and it has been peeling for 4 or 5 years.
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