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January 2012

Economic Makeovers

Home renovation projects could range from the cheap and easy to the extremely costly, as we all know.  While changing the color of a room could be relatively inexpensive, some projects like a kitchen or bath makeover could run into multiple thousands of dollars.
If you are like me, unless I know I am going to absolutely love the new lo0k of, for example my kitchen, and know for sure I will love it forever, I would like to have the option of making another change in ten years or so.

Tax time is here, now lets look forward to spring!!

Winter has kicked in and its cold and nasty outside, but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to spring. We can get things started on making you home look new again in time for spring. Shutters are often overlooked when you think about dressing up your house. We restore real wooden shutters to like new condition. We repair and replace rotted wood, fix cracks and holes in them, re-glue them to make them sturdy. We then preserve the wood, prime and paint them, making them like new again, at a fraction of the cost to replace them. If you have plastic or vinyl that has faded or  been bleached out by the sun, we can re-paint them as well. We will take them down repair and re-paint them and put them back up and there is no need to wait until spring!  We have a finish spray shop we do all the work at in Highland IL. Now if you expect to get money back on your tax return give us a call, we have a 90 day payment plan we can set you up with (no credit needed) so there is no need to wait.  We can get your home looking beautiful for spring! Give us a call at 618-581-9427 and ask for Keith.  You will be glad you did!

Small Spaces, Big impact

Decorating small spaces is often overlooked when re-decorating is considered.  It is far easier to make grand plans for larger areas, such as living and dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.  But when it comes to smaller spaces like the laundry room, a half bathroom or even hallways, we often tend to go for "safe" colors or decorations. 
Consider a bold border, or mural, or dramatic color for these areas.  You'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes, and just how many compliments you will get from your visitors!
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