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Attention All you Scum Scammers!!!!!!
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Several ways we can beautify your home and save you lots of money

Hello everyone and welcome to Williams Painting...

We at Williams Painting are always finding ways to give you great value in a long lasting paint job. We also provide outstanding ideas to beautify your home and change the look to what's trending in color and style. Quality workmanship and attention to detail as well as expertize in what we do makes us the leader in the in not only Highland area but the St. Louis metropolitan area as well as Southern Illinois.

Here is just some of the ways we can save you money and beautify your home all at the same time.

Get a 20% discount on 3 interior rooms or more by booking the work now for the winter months!

Hey want a great deal on interior painting? Schedule 3 rooms or more to be done in November, December, January, February or March and we will take 20% off on all labor for the entire job!! that's right 20% off.. don't wait schedule now! This is No Joke that a huge savings for professional painting. We need winter work and you need professional painting this a deal you can't pass up. Don't procrastinate give me a call and let get you in the schedule! Call Keith at 618-581-9427 today!

Scammers stop trying to Post

Scammers Stop !!!
I post a blog to connect with my customers and to give them tips on painting color choices, tricks of the trade and Ideas to help them. I don't get this website for free and I am constantly getting scammers trying to post messages about their business to get people to their site to sell their products. Scammers beware I am on to your game and you will not succeed a few made it through in the past but no more! I have to approve of the comments before they can go up on the website so don't think your going to use this site as a marketing tool for your business for free because I am not going to let that happen anymore and if you keep trying I will get my own hacker to find out who you are and I will return the favor in a legal  way that you will not like !

Powerwashing and Painting

Power washing and Painting

Hello everyone its Keith again hope your all doing well Happy belated Mothers Day to all the moms out there and lets not forget Dad's day is coming up, can't forget Dad Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.

Here's a Fathers Day gift idea for dad save him time and work by having us power wash the house or paint the front porch, or maybe the windows, front door or how about those bleached out shutters. You know dad hates to paint and mom' don't care to do it either.

Have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding Its time to power wash!!

Hi there! Do you have Vinyl or Aluminum Siding?
You may think you don't need or have any reason to call a painting company right? Why? Because having Vinyl or aluminum siding mean I will never have to paint again right? Not really, I will explain that in a minute.. but there is another reason to call us Power Washing 
   So lets talk power washing. All homes get dirty on the outside.  How you may ask?  Think about it farmers plow and disc the fields and plant every year in the spring and harvest the fields in the fall.

Spring is finally here!!!

Spring is finally here Yeah!!
Now we can get back outside and start making that tired old home look new and beautiful again. Here are some helpful hints that will bring that old house back to looking good again. In the fall and early winter around here there are a lot of corn field being combined and that puts a lot of dust and dirt in the air that settles on your siding and pretty much most of your home. It happens gradually and you may or may not have notice. Go out and wipe your hand along your siding and see how much dirt comes off you will be amazed its dirty.

Winter Time Blues! uuggg!

Winter is a bummer this year! There.. I said it, this cold artic winter has a lot of us singing the blues.. Hey you know what will cheer you up.   A new sunny color in the Kitchen ! But you say,  Keith I just don't like the odor of the paint and its to cold out side to open a window for fresh air, and I'm  besides I've the winter blues.  I have your cure for the winter blues !!!

Valspar has a low, to no odor paint that's been out on the market for about 2 or three years now called Elan that's made to cure the winter blues.

Would you like 20% off any of our services?

Would you like 20% Off any of our services? Did you know Williams Painting now has Property Owners Maintenance Programs?
You may be wondering what that is? I will be happy to tell you. Williams Painting knows your home is your biggest investment and needs periodic updates when it comes to your painting, staining, and power washing needs. We have come up with a way to make those needs more affordable then ever. and here is how it works.
We set you up on a affordable monthly savings plan to accrue an annual maintenance budget through the year.

Is your investment properties making you money?

Do you own income properties? Do you have rental properties, homes, condos or apartments that you rent or lease? Did you know Williams Painting offers a painting maintenance program that can give you access to all our services at a special rate that will keep all your properties looking great and keep them rented.
We all know that when people are looking for a new place to rent or lease the first thing that sells your place is how nice it looks inside and out. If it is old and out dated it may sit empty for months on end not making any revenue.

What is a Lintel????

What's a Lintel?
No were not talking about lentil's you put in soup. Most people have heard of and a lot of folks have eaten them. The lintels I am referring to are likely on your home. Well that is if you happen to live in a brick home. If you do you wouldn't want to try and eat these lintels you would break your teeth (notice the spelling is different) the edible is spelled  lentil and the one on your home is lintel.( Clever how all you do is switch the I & E )
So what is a lintel then?
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