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Williams Painting is truly your one-stop painting and paint finish provider. In addition to our other services we would love to help make your home uniquely beautiful by providing the services of our artists, who will create the environment you have always dreamed about.
These services include murals, faux art finishes, like marbling, stenciling, color washing and much more. We will make a worn piece of furniture look brand new, or a new piece look like an antique.  Always wanted a brick or stone wall, but the house is already built?  We can paint it to look like brick or stone!
We will be happy to discuss any idea with you and turn your vision into reality.  Schedule a meeting with us today!
Passage Mural - a good way to lengthen a short, dark passage!
Stunning dark blue Venetian Plaster makes the walls on this bathroom look like blue velvet.
You did a fantastic job at my house!  My master bath is absolutely amazing.  I'm just in love with the Venetian Plaster and everyone I show it to is amazed at how smooth and "velvety" the walls feel.  You also did a fabulous job on my front door and shutters!  I know our project had a few hiccups along the way, but you guys did not quit until I was 150% satisfied, and I am so grateful to and your staff.  I have already referred tow people to you and will continue to refer everyone to you.  I am so confident in your skills and customer service, I know that you treat all customers with the utmost respect and fairness that you did with me.  Thank you again for everything!!!
LeeAnn Hembrough
O"Fallon, IL
Turn ordinary painted pillars (or anything else for that matter) into MARBLE!
Ceilings are no problem for our artists.
Make a small space more interesting.
Create a stone wall or a niche, and add ivy, if you like.
Make a glass pane into stained glass.
Create luxury with faux mahogany on a tired piece of furniture.
Turn any table or countertop into stone.
Ladies and Gents Bathroom Project - Williams Painting Spray Shop at 810 Mulberry Street in Highland, Illinois.
The Ladies Bathroom before decorating.  At this stage only the dark pink Venetian Plaster wall on the right was completed.
Ladies Bathroom - we added the bold floral mural to compliment the dark pink of the Venetian Plaster wall.
A faux tile backsplash over the basin, and a distressed antique shelf provide the finishing touches.
The mens bathroom walls were painted in a mid-green, and color washed with yellow to give a softer look.  A hand-painted border was added for a touch of elegance.
Details of the hand-painted border.
The floors in both bathroom used to be painted and peeling concrete before their faux marble make0ver
A tired wooden dresser gets a whole new look with artistic finishes.
Details of the door design.
A generic, mass-produced desk gets a unique face lift.
Small Kitchen Island - decorated
Back view
Kitchen Island - side view
Kitchen Island - opposite side view
Dining Room Furniture - Refinished
These pieces were painted a creamy white, with  nondescript brown tops.  The tops were grooved and had to be made smooth to take the desired marble effect.
Cabinet - before
Base coat painted and top filled
Up close of the top
Finished cabinet
Detail of the finished top
Completed dining room set
Details of the kitchen island
Madonna - weathered, and almost devoid of any paint.
The base was broken, but we repaired it.
Looking gorgeous!
More of the detail
Ordinary white column turned into marble
Detail of 'Spider Webbing' veins on column
Garden Ornament - painted
Garden ornament, painted
Garden ornament, painted
"Monk and Child" garden ornament, painted
Project:  These pieces were water damaged and would probably have been thrown out by most people.  They were drab woodgrain veneer, and pretty boring.
With a new coat of paint, and some special effects, the end result is stunning!
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