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My Blog

Getting Creative

Do you know any surface can be changed into something more appealing to the eye?  Both interior and exterior surfaces today can be made more durable and also more attractive, whether it be wood, concrete, laminate, plastic, vinyl, you name it, there is a coating for it.
Just last year concrete stains were available in about 8-10 different colors, all of them attractive enough, but Sherwin-Williams has created concrete stains in literally ALL of their paint colors!  A vast new array of choices for the discerning home owner.

Color in unexpected places

Unexpected updates or pops of color could make the difference in your home's appearance.  Two possibilities for making a statement are:
1.  I cannot count how many homes, even really big, expensive, fancy or new ones, have unfinished concrete floors leading up to the front door.  You know what I mean?  You walk up to a beautiful front door, but the floor underneath your feet is a bare grey concrete.  It bothers me.
There is an easy fix that will look like you spent a million dollars!

Removing Wallpaper

You have wallpaper, and you've decided to paint the walls.  What do you do?  A question we're often asked is if we cannot simply paint over the paper.  The answer is "no".
Well, you can, but remember paint is wet, and wallpaper is, well.. paper.  What happens when paper gets wet?  Exactly.
If you've decided the paper needs to come off and the walls need painting, you can leave it up to the painters to remove the paper, sure, and they would.  But, it is extremely tedious work and time consuming, therefore pricey.

How do you paint that?!

Did you know you could paint almost anything?  Here's some tips for painting unusual surfaces.
Masonry, such as brick or stone
Prep: scour unpainted surface with a sponge or nylon brush and warm, soapy water.  Let dry overnight.  On previously painted surfaces, use a wire brush to remove chips or flakes, then smooth uneven surfaces with 100-grit sandpaper.  Clean as above.
Coat: seal pores with a water-based primer designed for masonry, and coat with latex paint.  Use a thick-nap roller, and use a brush to cut in along the edges or to get paint into deep crevices.

Take note of design

When you consider redecorating, take time to study each room carefully.  What is the purpose or fuction of the room?  A place to relax?  A playroom?  A mancave? A place to gather with friends?
Then, consider the features of the room.  Does it have a fireplace, or a bay window, or perhaps built-in shelves?
Redecorating could be as simple as re-arranging furniture, adding accent pillows or slipcovers for tired furniture.  Consider wall color.  If it is meant to be a calm space, stay away from reds and yellows - go for greens and blues.

12 Expert tips for choosing color you can live with

1.  Start with a color you love.  Even if it's not a trend at the moment.  It will always be on trend in a space that resonates with you.
2.  Choose the best paint you can afford.  Good paint has better pigments and a more liveable finish.
3.  For a cohesive look, flow two or three of the same colors in each room.  An accent wall in the family room is reflected in the master bedroom bedding, for example.
4.  Save strong wall colors for statement rooms that are smaller and visited less - a library, guest room, or a powder room.

Interior Painting now is the time!

With a new you comes a new start. You got new clothes at Christmas and new ideas for what you want to do for that flower garden this spring. A new hair style and a new attitude about this year being better than the last.
In fact everything is looking good for a bright shiny new year! Wait a minute, have we forgotten something? What about that drab old color on the livingroom walls, or how about that out dated yellow kitchen with the peanut butter stain on the wall from the kids.

Getting ready for the Holidays and New Year!

Hello and Happy Holidays from Williams Painting
We sincerly hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and now that the belly suffing event has come and gone its time to gear up for a joyful Christmas! Family and friend and yet another delicious feast and all the goodies that make it special. We can't forget all the gifts and fun family games. Question??? how does the house look? I'm sure it looks fine , However would you like it to look great ? No I'm not talking about all the decorations, they always look great.

Repurpose and Renew

I am not a big supporter of "Out with the old and in with the new".  Things were just made better in the old days (My goodness I'm starting to sound like my mother!)  The fact is, though, craftsmen just seem to have had more pride in quality and workmanship before, in everything they did.  My philosophy is to repurpose and re-use older, better constructed things. 
Recently a woman called me because she visited a furniture store where they had a great selection of artistically decorated painted furniture, mainly dressers and hutches, but other items too.

Pros on the inside.

Pros on the inside.
Hello again! Keith here, My last blog was about the difference between professional painters and non professionals and had to do with painting on the outside of your home. This is part two Pros on the inside.
There is a big difference here in pro and wanna be pros. A wanna be pro will paint around things such as vents, door knobs switch plates, receptacles and recessed canned light, they may not cover large furniture that you may not want move such as a piano or a grand father clock.
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